What Are Connects On Upwork?

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Upwork Connect is a job board that connects freelance professionals with employers. It is a platform where freelancers can find work, and employers can find the right freelancers for their projects.

The Upwork Connect job board helps businesses hire the right freelancers for their projects by providing them with a list of qualified talent. Freelancers also have the opportunity to be featured on this platform and get even more exposure.

With Upwork Connect, businesses can quickly locate the right freelancer for their projects, while freelancers can build up their portfolio and get hired by more companies. Along with providing project opportunities to freelancers, Upwork Connect also gives freelancers access to the Upwork marketplace to showcase their skills and get hired.

Let’s get to know more about Connects on Upwork.


What are Connects on Upwork and How to Make Them?

Connects are how you establish long-term partnerships on Upwork as a freelancer or as part of an agency team. When you submit a proposal to a customer and receive an interview, you’ll get a bonus of 10 Connects.

How Upwork Connect works:

When clients submit jobs, Upwork charges between 1 and 6 “connect” each bid. This appears to depend on the client’s history on Upwork, whether they have put money aside, the size/scope of the task, and the project’s overall cost.

Before bidding on a job, make sure you have the required number of connections. The best clients and jobs cost six connections. The minor trustworthy clients and jobs cost 1 or 2. Then you bid as usual.

Describe your credentials and expertise for this assignment. Enter your suggested pricing, hourly or per accomplished milestone. Then respond to any job-specific questions. You lose the given amount of connections.

What are the Upwork Connects pricing changes?

Having a better understanding of how Connects now operate, let’s look at what will be different. As a starting point, Connects will no longer be offered for free. Instead of 60 free Connects in your freelancing account, you will have paid Connects worth $.15 apiece instead of 60 free Connects.

When applying for Upwork Connects, you’ll need to submit a certain amount of Connects to get started. Proposals will no longer be limited to requiring only 0-2 links, but instead, 1-6 connects going forward. For the privilege of submitting an offer, freelancers may be charged anything from $015 to $90. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the freelancer will be hired.

This decision by Upwork may be a positive one in many aspects. Yet, there are numerous reservations among freelancers about this decision. As previously stated, the goal of this policy is to ensure that freelancers are committed and competent.

Freelancers are concerned that they will be required to pay for membership and Connects, with no assurance that they will be hired. As a result, even if they land the job, Upwork will still collect the 20% fee.


Buy Connects?

If you’re looking for a way to increase your income or have some extra cash, you can always buy more Connects. Because if you want to earn more and get notified by more clients, you will want to buy the additional Connects.

If you want to buy more Connects on Upwork, you can do so by buying a bundle even with this plan.

Here are the following prices for the different bundles:

  • 10 Connects for $1.50
  • 20 Connects for $3
  • 40 Connects for $6
  • 60 Connects for $9
  • 80 Connects for $12

In addition, it is crucial to know that Connects are only valid for a year. If you do not require more connectors, do not purchase them. But if you do not use up all of your Connects within a month, they will be carried over to the next month. They will, however, reach a maximum of 140. Suppose you have any unused Connects in your existing account. In that case, they will be carried over to the new program without penalty.


How to get free Connects?

Consider the following scenario: you’re just starting as a freelancer. You lack the necessary funds or don’t want to invest the necessary funds to get started.

Freelancing has been increasingly popular in recent years, with an increasing number of people preferring to work. However, getting started might be challenging if you do not have the necessary funds to put into your initial business.

Don’t be concerned. If you’re looking to earn free Connects, Upwork does provide a program. Here are four methods for getting around the standard Connect mechanism and receiving free Connects:

1. Sign up for a new account.

Upwork allows any freelancer to try out the site by creating an account. They will be given 20 free Connects. If all goes according to plan, the freelancer will be able to purchase more Connects. This gives the freelancer the ability to explore the platform.

2. Obtain the position of emerging talent.

A key element of Upwork’s commitment to seeing its platform thrive is recognizing and rewarding freelancers who are doing an excellent job on the site. If you achieve the status of developing talent, Upwork will reward you with 30 free Connects. Besides that, they will add you to a talent pool, which will make it easier and more likely for employers to approach you on their initiative in the future.

3. Achieve the highest possible rating in terms of metrics.

Top-rated status takes a bit longer to achieve, but once you do, you’ll be eligible for 70 free Connects every month for the rest of your life. That’s not a terrible goal to aspire for, in my opinion.

4. Invest in a Freelancer Plus subscription.

Alternatively, you may sign up for a Freelancer Plus membership account to obtain free Connects. There will be a $10 per month rise to $14.99 per month for the Freelancer Plus plan, but it will include 70 Connects and other essential features.



Upwork is a leading freelance platform for freelancers worldwide and is ranked as the #1 website for freelancers. Freelancers can create profiles optimized for different tasks such as finding work, connecting with clients, getting new jobs, etc. It is ideal to find work, connect with clients, and receive payment.

Suppose you are a freelancer and intend to work on Upwork. In that case, connecting on Upwork is just the thing you will need to earn more and attract or give job proposals to specific clients. 

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