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A transcriber’s work scope is about listening to audio or video recordings and typing them out word-for-word. As a transcriber, you are proficient in a variety of different formats like interviews, legal transcription, medical transcription, general transcription and any other translation jobs. Transcribers are usually highly skilled in interpreting accents and dialects.

Transcription jobs on Upwork are becoming more and more popular. Transcription jobs are often requested for purposes such as translation, research, transcription of audio or video, and other specialized activities. Transcription jobs are a common way to make money on Upwork.

This job is perfect for individuals like you who have excellent English translation, work well with deadlines and looking for home jobs.

This article might help you decide if you would make a good transcriptionist. Keep reading!

What is Transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting a sound recording into a written document. It is usually done for podcasts, interviews, speeches, and other oral recordings in which the words being spoken cannot be easily heard or understood.

What do transcription jobs entail?

Transcription jobs are work opportunities that require the employee to transcribe audio or video.

A transcriptionist listens to an audio recording and writes out what they hear on the recording. The transcriptionist takes dictation from a speaker or a sound source and then types it into written form.

They are also responsible for correcting any mistakes they find in what they have transcribed. When transcribing an interview or speech, it is important to edit out any pauses or long periods of silence that might occur during the recording.

Types of transcription jobs

Transcribing is a wide variety of jobs, and each requires a different set of skills.

Captioning Video Files

The process of captioning involves adding textual information to a video or film recording. In films, television programs, and other multimedia presentations where the original audio is unavailable or difficult to understand, this method is usually used. In closed captioning, the viewer can choose whether to include or exclude text versions of these recordings.

Voicework for Videos

Voicework is an online transcription service that provides transcriptions for videos and audio files. They are primarily responsible for converting audio files into written text to be posted on the internet or to be translated for use in other languages.

Close captioned

Closed captioning or subtitling is a process of displaying text on an image of a moving object. This is done as a service to deaf and hard-of-hearing people by providing captions of the spoken dialogue in the video in real-time and as well as to those who are not fluent in a particular language.

How to be an online transcriber in Upwork?

Upwork is an online platform where people can connect, find work for their skills and get freelance jobs worldwide. The Upwork has widened opportunities for this type of data entry job for individuals looking for transcription services.

In order to be a successful transcriber, you need to be good at the English translation. You also need to have an excellent command of the language and be able to type at least 60 words per minute. A transcription work requires excellent listening skills, the ability to type on a computer keyboard, a good internet connection, and the ability to work quickly without errors.

It requires patience, dedication, accuracy and the ability to work under pressure. Transcribers are required to work with various accents and dialects, which makes it even more challenging for them. They are also required to work in a fast-paced environment as they need to keep up with the speed at which speakers are talking on the other side of the call or video conference call.

Finding Freelance Transcription Jobs on Upwork

There are many freelance transcription jobs available on Upwork. It all boils down to having a strong profile and skillset.

Create a profile

The first step to finding freelance transcription jobs on Upwork is to create a profile. You can create a profile for free in a few minutes. Make sure that your profile accurately depicts who you are. Provide a description of your skills, work experience, education availability, and the type of work you are seeking. Check your skills to ensure you are qualified for the job. Your profile should mention that you have transcribed audio in the past if you are applying for an audio transcription position.

Upload your resume

Upload your resume on the site and wait for employers to contact you. Ensure that your resume is written professionally. You should not only list your work experience but also describe what you did in this field, how you did it, and the results you achieved. Potential employers who are searching for someone with your skills and transcription experience are more likely to contact you if you do this.

Searching for transcription services that suit you

The need for transcription services is widespread among companies and agencies. Transcription services are commonly used for medical records, legal documents, and video files.

Benefits of being a transcriber

Transcribers are the people who provide a text-based representation of sounds. They are the ones who make sure that content is accessible to those who are unable to listen to it.

The pay in transcription job is very good in most cases, and transcriptionists can earn as much as they like. Transcribers can work from home, and they don’t need any special training or education. They just need a computer, internet connection and headphones. Having a remote transcription job means you have your own working hour and can transcribe anywhere.

Transcription is an excellent career option for those with a hearing impairment, speech impediment or physical disability because it doesn’t require any physical activity or mobility skills.


Upwork is one of the largest platforms that offer freelance jobs worldwide on the internet. Clients need individuals to transcribe voicemails, meetings, conference calls, and other recordings from their devices, medical transcriptionist and any other online transcription jobs.

Transcription is a task that needs to be done accurately and with speed. A transcriptionist needs to have a good ear so as to pick up the words and phrases properly. Furthermore, they need to have a good typing speed so that they can keep up with the speaker on the other side of the conversation.

The amount of work generated by transcription is increasing rapidly as more people adopt the use of voice assistants, and the general population continues to become more involved in activities like conference calls, meetings, and webinars.

The article has provided you with an overview of what transcription jobs are. It is now time for you to search for transcription jobs in Upwork.


Is transcription a hard skill?

Transcription is one of the most common skills that transcribers are required to have. There are many benefits to this skill, but it can also be a difficult skill to learn.

As a skill, transcription requires time and patience. When you start, it can be hard to understand the spoken words, but daily transcription of audio files will eventually help you get used to it and do well in this field.

What is the most important skill as a transcriptionist?

Every transcriptionist has a different set of skills. Some are excellent at typing, while others may be good at listening. The most important skill is to be able to type fast and accurately and also have the ability to listen closely.

What category is transcription in Upwork?

The transcription service falls under the category of “admin support” on Upwork, where freelancers can transcribe audio or video files. It can also be categorised as a data entry skill.