Learning How to Write a Proposal on Upwork to Get Hired Right Away

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When you’re ready to start your career in freelance writing, Upwork is a great resource to use. They offer a proposal writing course that will teach you the basics of writing proposals so that you can get hired right away.

Upwork is a great tool for freelancers to find new clients, but writing proposals can be daunting. In this article, we’ll explain how to write a proposal on Upwork and get hired right away!

What is an Upwork Proposal?

Upwork is a platform where freelancers can find and contract with customers. Customers post jobs, and freelancers submit proposals to complete the task. A proposal is a document that outlines the details of what needs to be done, including cost, time frame, and expected results.

Importance of Upwork Proposals

The importance of Upwork proposals cannot be overemphasised. A well-written proposal can help your candidacy for a job, seal the deal and increase your chances of being hired.

Here are some reasons you need to put in the extra effort with your proposals:

1. They Show Your Skills and Expertise.

A good proposal will showcase your skills and expertise. This is especially important when it comes to jobs that require specific skills or knowledge.

2. They Show How Well You Fit the Job Description.

This includes accurately stating what duties are required, describing how you would fulfil those duties and showing how well you meet the company’s requirements.

Tips that will Help Your Proposal Convincing

Start first by Highlighting Your Skills and Work Experiences.

When you submit your Upwork Proposal, it’s important that you highlight your skills and work experiences. This will help potential clients better understand what you can bring to the table, and it will show that you are well-equipped to handle the project.

Here are some tips for highlighting your skills and work experience:

1. Start with an overview of what you’re good at. This will give potential clients a snapshot of who you are as a professional, as well as highlight any specific expertise that might be relevant to the project at hand.

2. Add examples of how you’ve used these skills in past projects.

Avoid Using a Common Proposal Template

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of using a common proposal template when submitting their proposals to Upwork. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to decreased quality and success in receiving a contract offer.

Here are three tips for avoiding the pitfalls of using a proposal template:

1. Start with your unique selling proposition (USP). In order to help clients understand your value proposition, be sure to include specific examples and case studies in your proposal.

2. Tailor each proposal to the specific client and project. Don’t use a generic template that could apply to any project or client. Be sure to customise each proposal for maximum impact and success.

3. Write clear, concise, and persuasive text.

Do Not Include Unnecessary Information

Make sure that your proposal focuses on the client’s needs and not on your own priorities or skills. If you can show that you’re passionate about the project and have knowledge about the subject, this will show in your work quality too.

Find the Right Job that Fits Your Skills

Some things you can do on Upwork include finding jobs in your area of expertise, finding jobs that fit your lifestyle, and finding jobs that match your skills. You can search by job type, location, or company size. If you’re not sure what kind of job would fit your skills, then you should use the skill search feature on Upwork to find jobs that match those skills. This will help you find jobs that are a good fit for your experience and qualifications.

State Your Objectives After Getting Hired

Making a great first impression is important in any job, but it’s especially important when applying for positions on Upwork. You want to show that you’re the best candidate for the job, and that’s why you should state your objectives after being hired. Foremost, your objectives should be to help the company achieve its goals. This means taking on tasks that will make the company more money or improve its performance‌.

Do Not Cause Problems for Your Client

It is important to maintain good relations with your clients. This means being professional and polite at all times. One way to avoid causing problems for your client is to be clear and concise in your writing and proposals. If you can’t clearly articulate what you will do for them, they may have trouble trusting you. Another way to avoid causing problems is to be prepared for questions that your client might have. If you know the answer to their question, be sure to say so in your proposal! And if you don’t know the answer, be sure to ask. Finally, always remember that you are working on behalf of your client – do not take action that would damage their business or cause them inconvenience.


  • Upwork is a great resource for freelancers who need to find professional projects to work on.
  • Writing a good Upwork proposal can be daunting, but with the right steps and resources, it can be a breeze.
  • Writing a compelling Upwork proposal is key to securing the best project opportunities. By outlining your skills, qualifications, and experience, you can leave a lasting impression on potential clients and increase your chance of success.
  • Take some time to consider the points covered in this article, and you’ll be well on your way to landing the job of your dreams.

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Does becoming a freelancer require a good educational background?

Freelancing does not require a good educational background, but having the right tools and resources available can make the process easier. Freelancers should be prepared to learn new skills and work with different clients, so being open to change and possessing strong communication and problem-solving skills are important.

Does having no work experience hinder the employment rate in Upwork?

The employment rate for people with no work experience is lower than that of those with work experience. However, there are several factors that can influence whether someone can find work, including their skills and qualifications, their network of contacts, and the available jobs. It is important to remember that having no work experience is not a barrier to finding employment in the online marketplace sector, as long as you will put in the effort.

How much is the average salary a freelance can earn in Upwork?

Freelance work can be lucrative, especially if you have the right skills and experience. The average salary a freelance can earn on Upwork ranges from $30/hour to $250/hour, depending on experience and qualifications. So if you’re interested in starting your own freelance business, now is the time to explore Upwork’s marketplace. Freelancers who have experience and skills that are in high demand can earn even more.